Illuminosi is a small company, made up of former big-company people who want to produce software without the overhead of a big company. We are all engineers at heart who love to "design stuff", interacting with the stakeholders directly to achieve the best design. Sometimes this means a deep history of design documentation in a database, but more often it means whiteboards covered with post-it notes that generate wireframes and a behaviour document.

Our management team understands development projects like few software companies do. We have been in the unique position of working for some of the largest software and hardware engineering companies in the world. At the same time, we also have been involved in the founding of several venture capital and private funded startups.
Having the big-company experience has given us the vision to structure a company that will delivery reliable, capable software without the overhead of a megafirm. We aren't handicapped by layers of management, so communications happen quickly and smoothly. Often, our developers will be in direct communications with your staff; discussing issues of user interaction, performance or usage scenarios. This gives us the ability to deliver products that are right the first time.

Illuminosi's Consulting Division
Organized and chartered to provide hardware, firmware and software design consulting services. Read more

Illuminosi's Products Division is designing products for sailors who share our passion for technology. If this interests you, please read more here.

Illuminosi's management team has been involved with the following diverse industries:

  • Electricity- nuclear and coal
  • Financial services
  • Government and public services
  • Heavy Manufacturing
  • Life sciences- healthcare and pharma
  • Military
  • Retail- big box
  • Telecoms
  • Transportation

We have been also involved with the following small businesses:

  • Contractors, residential and commercial
  • Doctors, Chiropractors, Dentists
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Professional services- legal and accounting
  • Real Estate offices
  • Retail- 1-5 registers
  • Sustainable tourism

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