Some of us are offshore sailors, and so we have a strong interest in the weather. This simple applet will keep you updated on the current wind and wave conditions near where you live or sail.

Warning: we take no responsibility for your sudden and unexpected departure from the office should the wind conditions turn favorable.



Weather fax downloads as wallpaper

Regularly scheduled weFax downloads become your Windows wallpaper

World-wide weather data access- track any US buoy reported by NOAA

Can track any of NOAA's weather buoys world wide

24 hour trend plots for wind, gusts, barometer, etc.

Will plot temperature, dew point, wind (speed, direction, gusts) and barometer of the previous 24 hours

Tracks up to 10 buoys with no desktop space needed

The application only appears in your system tray by default Hovering over each icon reports the current wind conditions for that location

The icons take up no desktop space, yet are easily accessible. Simply hold your mouse cursor over each icon to receive the current wind conditions at that location.

Easy to configure

Configuration allows many different options for weather reporting Seperate configuration options for each buoy are supported

The configuration is easy to understand and very flexible, allowing many different options for wind and weather reporting.


Image of weathervane

It's free!! As sailors who have spent too much money on sails, bottom paint, Delo 400, etc. we like the idea of free. Not only that, but this is safe and reliable. It only downloads the bare minimum amount of information needed, and contains no spyware, viruses, or malware of any kind.

Comes pre-configured for the Seattle, WA area. (that's where we sail) as well as Florida and the US Northeast (NY to ME) Easily reconfigured for any other location such as Hawaii, So. California, Alaska, etc.

Downloadable right now

To download and install, click here.

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