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We are there every day, year in and out, so that you don't have to be. We understand and enjoy this world, so we are ready to answer all your questions. We will be the full-time support team you need for your engineering, marketing, test and planning departments when it comes to the standards world.

You will not have to deal with the complexities of scheduling vacations around industry events and your engineering or qual cycles. We will be available for your needs no matter how big or small you may think them.

Minimal cost structure

Because of how we operate, our dues structure can be less for you, because of our knowledge of these groups. This is the basis for our annual fee, and it is priced according to the groups you want to be part of. See the Annual expenses section on this page for more details.

We also charge a monthly service fee that helps us cover our costs to attend all the different standards groups you require. See the Monthly expenses section on this page for more details.

Our standards experts attend all the meetings and provide expert level analysis of the changes being discussed in each group. This assures your various teams that they are getting the right information and always in a timely manner.

Our regular scheduled reports (weekly, monthly and quarterly) have sections of interest to many different professionals- planning, engineering, test, manufacturing and marketing.

We are part of the "gig economy", the same as Uber, Lyft or Amazon. We have a very specific market that we care about- computer storage. Contact us and we'll show you how to improve your firm's product portfolio and engineering savvy.

Truly effective

We are a proven resource in the storage standards world. When you need standards representation of the highest caliber, give us a call. We have worked for and helped establish some of the most excellent standards teams in storage. Not only are our representatives names on all the latest standards, but we have been deeply involved in the crafting of invidual details within as well. It doesn't take a big budget (if you do it right), but a large amount of influence can be created by the way we interact with the other members of this tight-knit community.

Time to Market

The real value of what we offer is in how much faster your products are ready to ship. If you start your engineering project when the standards are released, you may have a product ready in 18 months. If you are lucky. More likely, you will continue to have test delays and compat/qual issues that keep you from shipping in volume for another 6 months.

With our help, you can begin your engineering efforts while the standards are still "in flight". We will help you to get your silicon and firmware designs up to date as quickly as possible. Then, you can work on the weekly cadence of changes needed for the next specifications release. With effort, you can have a fully compatible product ready the day the specification is released. Think of how that would look to your top level management and your customers.


We do not have to expose any of our clients to the world at large. Only in specific cases will we disclose your company's involvement in any specific groups. This gives you the option of remaining in stealth mode, or full disclosure. It's your choice.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Voting issues

Many firms that we deal with are not interested in having a full unique vote in each group. If that is the case for your firm, just tell us and we will issue your "abstain" vote on each ballot item. For those who want to be more active, we will ask you for your vote position. In the meetings our engineers will state the number of Yes, No and Abstain votes that are requested from each firm we are working for.

Annual expenses

Just tell us what groups you want to be involved with and we will take care of the rest. No need for you to deal with the requisitions and invoicing of many different groups, always on odd schedules. We will tell you your cost, who payments are made to and when. We will insure that you have all the right memberships needed to secure full intellectual property rights. We do this at no additional cost as part of our service to you. If your firm already has the memberships needed, there are no fees needed here.

Monthly expenses

The monthly billing is what pays for our engineers to attend the meetings each week. We will work with you to define a list of standards engagements that works for your engineering needs and budget.

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