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We want to change the way storage products are engineered

Contract manufacturing for storage electronics is an accepted practice around the world. We want to bring contract engineering to storage as well, beginning with standards work. This is a rising trend in the industry, and we heartily endorse it.

Your world is full of ups and downs. Let us help you reduce your overhead and increase your engineering and marketing certainty. We have worked for the storage industry since the 90s, so we have seen many come and go. We know what works and what will fail because we have watched it happen before. Let us help you get it right the first time. We are tackling the engineering issues behind designing new storage products such as SSDs, and our first big issue is how standards engagements are done.

Timely, detailed notices of changes in the storage industry

Communications is the key. We understand that getting information in a prompt manner is important. We also understand that there are many different groups and personalities who need this information. We strive to provide this for all, regardless of the need or desire. While our primary focus is on technical standards, we do find ourselves involved in a number of related areas as well. These include planning for various trade shows, press release bursts and other PR events.

We have decades of experience in crafting presentations to all levels of technical acumen. Our primary "end users" are those in the engineering, planning and marketing worlds. However, we understand your need to communicate with other groups as well, including VP and C-level functions as well as manufacturing and export staff. So we prepare succint topical reports for these groups as needed. Quarterly reports to top level management about the benefits of standards engagements are a normal part of our world. Occasional reports about topics of concern to manufacturing are generated on an "as needed" basis. Topics there include PWB materials, fabrication techniques and test fixture design. As needed, we help export controls staff to understand the shipping limitations imposed on various TCG implementations.

Our monthly and weekly reports for the more actively involved are filled with useful information about all aspects of what is happening in the storage world. The latest updates on all the feature proposals, along with the status of all the standards proposals "in flight".

Regular Reports

While the communications we have with the standards world is real time, that is seldom the case with our clients. Our clients receive a solid structure of reports so that the right people have ready access to the information they need. The primary examples are listed below. These are produced by us and they are sent out on the schedules requested to the primary contact of each client firm. Additional copies can be sent out to others in your organization as requested.

Quarterly Reporting
Quarterly reports are generated about the benefits of early standards engagement. Included is a list of the specific topics closed on, errata lists and anticipated topics/events for the next quarter. Great for those status reports to your management.

Monthly Reporting
This is a roll-up of the weekly report details, along with future events such as coming trade shows and expected new topics in the standards group discussions. This is the most read report series we offer.

Weekly Reporting
This is a level of detail needed by active standards implementors. Firmware leads and SoC design PMs will find these useful for the background on feature design and usage. The technically inclined planners and product managers will appreciate the deep details and insights into the various players and their positions.

Contact us if you have any unique requirements or questions.

Exclusive white papers

This is a service provided to our clients so they they have a thorough understanding of important technical and business issues in the various standards organizations.

Illuminosi receives questions about many topics. When we see a trend in questioning, that tells us that more information is needed. So we generate and publish white papers for our clients to explain the concerns and questions.

Topics include:

  • Implementing solid device security
  • Enterprise Event logging
  • Feature Sets by market (Client, Enterprise, Data Center)

Marketing and Standards

The world of standards is one that crosses the boundary between the engineering and marketing groups inside every company. Each group likes to own it, but both need to rely upon the Standards team. This is a world we are used to, and we will effectively argue for either group being in control. In order for us to be truly effective for you, we need to perform functions for each group inside your company.

Our interactions for marketing and planning are very important. The simple fact that we are in each of these meetings every week representing your firm will keep your company name in front of your customers, because they also attend these meetings. We are also involved in groups that set the technical and marketing agendas for trade shows in the storage world. We will keep your marketing teams aware of coming PR campaigns inside the bigger groups such as NVM Express and PCI-SIG. Our regular reports explain the latest features in a manner that will educate all levels of technical ability.

To help your engineering team(s), we keep you alerted to the latest changes in the standards, as well as the technical directions being taken and the attitudes of the various working groups. We work on test issues as well, so we will keep your test team aware of coming changes in that space. We will help you with Plug Fest scheduling, and what new features will be included. Then there are the inferred requirements that are put on your manufacturing organization, and we will help you with extra reports and white papers as needed.

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